Veja a nova Sherco 2017

Except exterior design with new plastic, no big revolutions on the Sherco Enduro 2017, but slight alterations to further improve the bikes made in France.

Sherco 250 Enduro R 2017 SE 1125

Evolutions 2017 common part cycle
new design

reinforced plastics
Kit deco in-mold
bi component plastic
Improved protection projections
modified frame protection

Plastic clips for flexible mounting



Modified frame geometry

Reduced steering angle
magazine column position
Cinematic bielettes review
improved traction
Better grip of the front
bielettes system changed




sherco swingarm

axis diameter 14 mm & new system of tightness
Resistance in the increased time
New wheel spring preload:

Easy access for adjustment
anti gripage
better longevity
New front wheel radius:

Increased stiffness of the wheel
Weight reduction
New rim:

Better protection tube
Type handles Factory

Bi 2 component colors
Sherco logo included

Evolutions of 2T: 250/300 SE-R 2017:
Sherco 250 SE R 2017 1078Sherco 250 SE-R 2017



Yoke reinforced at its attachment to the frame

Resistance greater deformation

New crankshaft balancing

Better engine flexibility at low revs
reduced vibration
Low inertia motor (lightness sensation)

New clamshell box V Force 4 with integrated stopper




Best low revs / sustainability of upper slats
250/300 standardization

Evolution of carburetion setting

more linear power
Less than detonation
Reduction of the ‘bing bing

Evolution 250 SE-R 2T 2017
Sherco 250 SE R 2017 1108Sherco 250 SE R 2017




new piston

low performance augmented regime
Longer life
New combustion chamber

more linear power

Evolutions of 4T: 250/300 SEF-R 2017:
Sherco 450 2017 0987 R SEFSherco 250 2017 0987 R SEF




Common developments in 250/300 SEF-R 4T 2017

New gearbox gears: Forged and machined

Better lubrication of bearings
pitting reduced
Life increased by 20%
Dakar technology
gas pump Evolution: better reliability
Optimization of injection beam key less

battery lugs
Starter Relay strengthened
New protective sheath over the entire beam
Changes SEF-250 R 4T 2017
new piston

Forged piston
increased lifetime
Resistance + 20% without increasing weight

Change SEF-450 R 4T 2017
Sherco motorcycle R SEF 450 2017 1020Sherco 450 R SEF 2017




modified cylinder head design

New area of distribution
simplified assembly
Gain weight (93g instead 163g)
Optimization of the lubrication of the clutches

better feeling
increased durability
gas pump evolution: Improved reliability

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